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During the last five years, Saudi Arabia imported about 542 thousand tons of tea and coffee with a total value of 10 billion SAR

Published 2020-02-25 08:36:19

The total Saudi imports of tea and coffee during the past five years (from 2014 to 2018) reached 542.3 thousand tons with an estimated value of 10.3 billion riyals. According to data obtained by the "Economy", obtained from the General Customs Authority the total tea imported by the Kingdom during the past five years amounted to 186.7 thousand tons with a total value exceeding 4.9 billion riyals. The total amount of coffee imported by Saudi Arabia from 2014 to 2018 was approximately 355.6 thousand tons with a total value exceeding 5.4 billion riyals.


According to the data, the Kingdom increased the quantities of tea received during the past year by about 5.5 percent, reaching about 38 million kilometers in 2018, compared to 35.95 million kilometers in 2017. Among the most important countries that imports tea are the Emirates, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Jordan, India, Yemen, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Malawi, Oman, Indonesia, Pakistan, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, America, Spain, United Kingdom, and Germany. While the quantities imported of coffee during the past year amounted to 79.32 million km, compared to 71.51 million km in 2017. While the value of Saudi imports of coffee during the past year reached about 1.16 billion riyals, compared to 1.10 billion in 2017. It is one of the most important countries that are imported Coffee are from Ethiopia, Brazil, UAE, Malaysia, Yemen, UK, India, Italy, America, Denmark, China, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Colombia, Kuwait, Spain, Switzerland, and France. It is noteworthy that figures presented during the "Coffee and Tea Festival" held last year in Riyadh, showed that the Saudis spend approximately 6.2 billion riyals on coffee and tea annually, and the Saudi market has achieved a high increase in the volume of sales, making the market the fastest growing in the world.

The indicators of Saudi imports of tea and coffee commodities witnessed a noticeable jump driven by the growth of banking facilities provided for the import of the main components of hot drinks, amid the support of major factors related to financing, commercial movement, high consumption demand, and the growing volume of consumption of tea and coffee.


Source: المصدر

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