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Breakfast cereal sales are estimated to rise to US $244.5 million through 2021-Foodex Saudi

Published 2018-06-25 10:02:08

Breakfast cereal is the smallest of the three subsectors within the bakery category in Saudi Arabia, but had the fastest value growth of 10.4% in 2017. The subsector looks to continue this upward motion through 2021, where sales are estimated to rise to US $244.5 million. With the Saudi Arabian population’s fast embracement of modern values, where families are becoming dual income, there is more dependence on breakfast cereals due to lack of time.

The breakfast cereal subsector is broken down into three main categories of children and family breakfast cereal, and hot cereal. Family breakfast cereal holds around 57% of retail volume within this category, followed by children’s breakfast cereals at 27% and hot cereals at 16%.

Breakfast cereals have not traditionally been a part of the daily routine in the typical Saudi Arabian household. However, with the household dynamic changing to women entering the workforce, there is a shortage of time in the morning spent in the kitchen. In addition, cereals are fast becoming an ideal choice for the growing number of health-conscious people who are short of time.

Source: Euromonitor 

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