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The Fruit & Vegetables consumer market in Saudi Arabia worth US$ 6 billion a year

Published 2017-05-08 04:02:02

Fresh fruit and vegetables: the most imported food products

The food and beverages sector recorded an increase of 2.1%, with imports into Saudi Arabia coming from 40 countries around the world, mainly with fruit and vegetables. The local consumer market for these is worth US$ 6 billion a year, the main sources being: Chile, the Philippines, South Africa, India, Pakistan, France, the United States, China, Egypt and Italy, among others. More than 200 varieties of fruit are sold in local markets, 40% of which are bananas, apples and oranges. It is estimated that the annual growth of this market is 5%. The market size of Saudi Arabia, which represents European fruit consumption of more than 50 thousand tons, is valued at US$ 133 million. The price of fruit in Saudi Arabia is the cheapest in the world.

Source: Eurofresh-distribution

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