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24 Hours only for the extraction of foreign investors visas

Published 2017-02-01 06:48:06

It approved, the Saudi Foreign Ministry, and finally, a mechanism to facilitate and speed up the procedures for obtaining business visas to enter the Kingdom electronically in accordance with the guidelines and conditions contribute to allowing foreign investors to visit the Kingdom and see the areas of investment opportunities available within 24 hours of receipt of the visiting passport.

According to the new regulation, adopted at the Council of Economic Affairs and Development directed towards stimulating the investment environment, and follow-up and supervision of the Executive Committee to improve business performance in the private sector, were classified visas business trip into three categories, commercial visit to the facility working visa in the UK, and a visit visa business, The visit visa for commercial delegations.

"Economic" newspaper said that it had already entered into the application of the decision to grant business visas for each of the business class, and class of trade delegations as of early last week, January 1, 2017 as will be the start of an application to grant visas for businesses operating in the Kingdom during the days the next few.

And is now issuing visas to visit the commercial establishments are electronically without the need for a letter of invitation to facilitate bit competent authorities process, after conducting an electronic link between the relevant authorities, as has been the abolition of the ratification of the invitation letters from chambers of commerce.

With regard to the granting of business visas, which began to be applied by the General Authority for Investment in communion with businessmen who have been issued visas to raise awareness of the areas of investment opportunities in the Kingdom, while the start deciding on requests for trade delegations during the two working days after that used to take 30 days.

A circular was issued to all Saudi missions abroad to comply with the requirements of the single visa issuance, and will follow up on the State Department approved visas services offices to evaluate their performance on a regular basis.


Source: Alarabiya

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