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Saudi Arabia's Busier Lifestyle Leads to Sharp Growth in Frozen Food Market

Published 2016-04-21 04:38:11

Frozen food is an excellent alternative to fresh and cooked foods. Convenience is the major factor driving the Frozen Food Market. Other drivers for Frozen Food market are increasing disposable income and growing number of working women.

On the basis of product type, market is segmented into frozen vegetables, frozen meat, frozen fish, frozen potatoes, frozen meals, frozen soup. On the basis of geography, Frozen food market is segmented into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Israel, and Iraq

 In Saudi Arabia, due to busier lifestyle, frozen food market is experiencing sharp growth. Sunbulah Fine Food & Pastries Mfg. launched new variety of puff pastry named Butter Puff Pastry. Another launch was by National Food Co that includes range of marinated chicken. As there is increase in number of women entering workforce and need of convenient food there is rising demand for frozen food. 

National Food Co. is the leading player in the Kingdom. National Food Co. adopted strategies such as heavy expenditure on advertising and promotion activities. Another strategy adopted by National Food Co. is product expansion such as frozen poultry that includes marinated chicken breasts that further includes four flavours. National Food Co. also invested heavily in establishing strong distribution network by the easy availability of frozen food at every retail channels. 

Frozen food market is forecasted to show continuous strong growth in the Kingdom. As vegetables can replace carbohydrates, this increases the growth of Saudi Arabia's Frozen Food Market. In Saudi Arabia frozen food are more affordable than fresh food and also has low fat content in comparison to the fresh food


medGadget, 14th April 2016

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