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Hotel in Madinah welcomes visitors with large kunafa in Eid Holiday

Published 2015-07-27 04:49:33
JEDDAH: A hotel in Madinah welcomed visitors with an 18-meter long and 50 cm wide kunafa on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.
The hotel management and workers celebrated the Eid festivity with their customers and visitors by eating the kunafa down the hall of the hotel.
The kunafa was the largest quantity made in the Kingdom, the hotel claimed, adding that its making took about 15 days and it was a pleasant surprise for the customers.
In an hour nothing was left of the sweets with every individual taking his share of eating from it. They also took memorial photos with the kunafa before a hand touched it.
Talat Abu Ouf, the hotel’s public relations executive, said the hotel management was keen on introducing something special and distinguished for the visitors and came up with the idea of making this 18-meter kunafa lighted with candles, “the longest in the Kingdom.”

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