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The world's largest container-carrier ship docks at Jeddah Islamic Seaport — SPA Photo

Published 2015-03-19 05:26:51
In its first voyage after three months of entering into service, the world largest container ship named "CSCLGLOBE" docked at Jeddah Islamic seaport yesterday.
The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) monitored the ship's arrival, whereas it was received by marine folk colors with the launch of more than 500 balloons welcoming it, organized by Bawabat Al-bahr Al-ahmar Company for Containers via Saudi qualified cadres.
SPA's camera toured the giant ship, which has a length of approximately 400 meters, a width exceeding 58.6 meters, a depth of 30.5 meters and a payload exceeding 19,000 standard containers of 20 feet.
For their part, the 23-strong crew's members and the captain expressed admiration of Jeddah port's level of operational efficiency and its capability to receive such types of giant ships due to the available cadres, competencies and experiences of mankind specializing in operations in various loading and unloading works in addition to the port's sidewalks of varying lengths and depths that can deal with the latest generations of giant ships carrying containers, and due to its strong infrastructure, facilities and various equipment can meet all operational requirements.

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