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Wanin Industries Pte Ltd

Wanin Industries first started out in 1986 in Singapore, and we’re amongst the first few that pioneered the bulk bottled water and cooler rental industry here. In 1990, we set up our own water bottling facilities in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. As we grew, we expanded our marketing operations to Kuala Lumpur. Since then, we have slowly globalized our business and entered other markets such as Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka, just to name a few. Pere Ocean pride ourselves as a key player in the premium water products market as we offer various products and services to cater to the needs of our corporate businesses, retailers as well as homeowners. Based on our long-standing experience, we have developed product ranges and services suitable for everyone. Just as how we have grown over the years, so have been our range of products. It includes Mineral Water, Distilled Drinking Water, Vitaminised Drinks, Sports/Isotonic Drinks, Yoghurt Flavoured Drinks and Sparkling Cola Drinks. The company is famililar in private labelling (OEM) services and customers of ours include Supermarket Chains, Convenience Stores and the Airlines industries.We

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  • Sector: DRINKS
  • Subsector: Juices, Mineral & Spring Water, Soft Drinks & Carbonated Beverages

Brands List

Image Brand name Description Country
Pere Ocean Pere Ocean Natural mineral waters are the heart of our business. Our natural source of mineral water is tucked away in the lush greenery of Ulu Tiram, Malaysia. Every drop of Pere Ocean’s Natural Mineral Water is drawn from a 300 feet deep spring producing all-natural and fresh mineral water retaining its natural minerals composition. Malaysia
Fruitty Vitaminised Drinks Fruitty Vitaminised Drinks Fruitty Vitaminised Drink is the epitome of tasty yet healthy drink! Not only does it contains essential vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin C, it also contains less sugar. Is it too true to be good? Do not worry. Our Fruitty Vitaminised Drink has been awarded as a Healthier Choice by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore. Malaysia
Boozt Sports Drink Boozt Sports Drink Revitalise yourself with Pere Ocean's vibrant range of Boozt Isotonic Sports Drink. A new taste sensation, with 4 flavours to choose from - Lemon Lime, Red Grape, Blueberry and Original, and fortified with vitamins B6, B12 and C, Boozt is suitable for daily supplement drinking choice. It also contains less sugar, and thus awarded A Healthier Choice by the Singapore's Health Promotion Board, which explains its popularity among students in schools. Not compromising on it taste, Boost also helps to boost the body immune system, thus making it the best choice to relieving and re-hydrating your body. Malaysia
Jooz Sparkling Drink Range Jooz Sparkling Drink Range Our newly launched exciting range of Fruit Juices and Sparkling Cola drinks with fruit flavours. Zesty and refreshing, a sure way to perk up your day. Malaysia

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Fruitty Vitaminised Drink Fruitty Vitaminised Drink
Think again the next time when you want to buy a sweet beverage during lunch or dinner. The common sweet beverages usually have a very high sugar content yet has minimal vitamin. Although it may taste nice, there are not much health benefits. However, our Fruitty Flavored Vitaminised Drink not only taste delicious and quench the thirst, but it also contains useful vitamins for the body. So, think again when you grab your drink for the next meal.

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