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The Fuentes de Lebanza Water springs up in the Palencia Mountain, at an altitude of more than 1,500 metres. In the heart of the Fuentes Carrionas, Natural Park. Where the purity and biodiversity of forests can be found together with species of high ecological value, such as the Cantabrian brown bear. Due to its quality, purity, composition, natural contribution of minerals and its light, soft taste, it is ideal to satisfy the needs of the different sectors of the population and indicated for all ages. Especially for pregnant women, children and the elderly. Lebanza it is in essence water with weak mineralization, which is alkaline and very low in sodium. We have included the best experiences in quality bottling processes, to offer a container full of pure water, essence of the mountains from its origin and due to its origin. Bag in Box. The green alternative. A product that generates less waste than traditional rigid packaging. A bag with 11 or 20 litres of water and a dispenser tap.

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  • Sector: DRINKS
  • Subsector: Mineral & Spring Water

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Fuentes de Lebanza, mineral natural water Fuentes de Lebanza, mineral natural water Fuentes de Lebanza is the brand of natural mineral water from northern Spain. The water comes from a protected natural space. And the water formula is original for its purity and balance of minerals. Low sodium and alkaline water. Lebanza -SPAIN -

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Natural mineral water is an original product of nature. Our water is low mineralization, low sodium and alkaline. Because of its balanced mineralization, it is ideal for children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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