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Since 1977 we manufacture and commercialize our olives and pickles for customers around the world The location of our production center gives us the privilege of optimizing our productions and being more competitive, since in Arahal (Seville), approximately 50,000,000 kg of olive every year.

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  • Subsector: Canned Foods, Finished products

Brands List

Image Brand name Description Country
LA EXPLANADA LA EXPLANADA Since 1958, La Explanada has been the flagship brand of the Aceitunas Cazorla Group, a symbol of quality and tradition. Over the years, and with the aim of satisfying the most demanding palates, La Explanada Gourmet was born. Spain
LA SOTA LA SOTA La Sota is a leading brand of olives and pickles of high quality. Manufactured by Aceitunas Cazorla, the quality of La Sota products reflects the result, experience and know-how that grant more than fifty years of olive tradition. Spain

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Sliced Black Olives Sliced Black Olives
Sliced black olives
Sliced Green Olives Sliced Green Olives
Sliced green olives
Cocktail Cocktail
Cocktail Riojano Cocktail Riojano
Cocktail riojano
Cocktail Barbecue Cocktail Barbecue
Cocktail barbecue
Pitted Black Olives Pitted Black Olives
Pitted black olives
Whole Black Olives Whole Black Olives
Whole black olives
Whole Green Olives Whole Green Olives
Whole green olives
Whole Queen Olives Whole Queen Olives
Whole queen olives
Gazpachas Gazpachas
Gazpachas olives
Aragon Black Olives Aragon Black Olives
Aragon black olives
Whole Green Olives Whole Green Olives
Whole Green Olives
Hot Party-picks Hot Party-picks
Hot party-picks
Queen with Gherkins Queen with Gherkins
Queen olives with Gherkins
Sweet Party-picks Sweet Party-picks
Sweet party-picks
Black Olives Black Olives
Black Olives 8kg whole / pitted
Green Olives Green Olives
Green Olives 8kg whole / pitted

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