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Alsad Modern Beverage Factory CO.

Pure Clear Health In our Alsad Water factory, we pride ourselves on our continued journey of growth and excellence. Since our inauguration, we have made great leaps forward that have placed our factory at the forefront of water bottling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our desalinated / treated high quality water and our production is marked by our elegant, eco-friendly bottles, and the highest health standards and water quality. We have two major production lines that are the fastest in the region with a production rate of up to two hundred thousand bottles per hour. Our lines are versatile and can accommodate different bottles sizes including: 200 ml, 330 ml and 600 ml bottles, allowing us to respond to the ever growing market needs. Our production lines use the latest bottling technology that adheres to worldwide industry standards and ecofriendly production. To ensure our water bottles are of the highest quality, the bottles pass through a rigorous process of purification, sterilization, monitoring and filling, and the water is tested by highly qualified technicians in our state of the art laboratories. Alsad water is ozone treated with the perfect balance of minerals according to international industry standards. Every stage of production is monitored and tested regularly for quality, purity and bottling standards. Alsad water factory meets all our customer demands in a timely manner with increased production during peak seasons such as the summer and during religious observances and feasts. Looking forward we plan to expand factory operations to increase both production capacity and our customer base within the Kingdom. This growth is expected to meet the continued increase in demand within the Kingdom’s markets partnering with well-known and established brands and providing them with the highest quality purification and bottling service. Alsad a bright future for a life full of creativity.

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  • Sector: DRINKS
  • Subsector: Mineral & Spring Water

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Veen Water Veen Water
VEEN is bottled drinking water that is produced deliberately with much elegant care to embrace the health of our customers. VEEN is known of its pure, fresh, and natural taste since it undergoes a precise process of check and test, and brought from natural source. VEEN is absolutely aware that the customers have a set of different needs and to respond to this human instinct with that our customers have a set of different needs and to respond to this instinct we produce it in a practical and different sizes to suit different usages.

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