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Synergy Imperia Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Al Karak

Instant tea premix exporter and coffee premix exporter and manufacturer India, Al Karak is an arm of Synergy Group of Companies which has it's forte in cardamom tea premixes, masala tea premixes and coffee premix. Established in 2005, we are proud to introduce our self as ISO 22000:2005 and HALAL certified food processing unit of 'shots of happiness'. We mass export of the novelty ready-to-mix 3 in 1 instant powder beverages like Saffron Tea / Zafrani Karak Tea, Blueberry Iced Tea premix and powdered Nariyal Pani premix. Al Karak is known for it's use of 100% natural food ingredients like Cardamom seeds, Ginger, Masala, Blueberry and Tomato powder.

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  • Subsector: Coffee, Instant Drinks, Other Hot Drinks, Manufacturing, Milk & Milk Products

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Image Brand name Description Country
Al Karak Al Karak Al Karak is a HALAL certified brand of tea and coffee 3 in 1 mixes manufactured in India. India

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Coffee mix 3 in 1 Instant premix Coffee mix 3 in 1 Instant premix
Relive an authentic coffee shop experience in your own office with Al Karak Coffee Premixes. The mountainous growing conditions and the natural tropical climate give this coffee beans blend a balanced and fruity bitter tinge. Our superstars, the coffee beans, are actually the seeds of the coffee tree spread in the high altitude regions of southern India. Al Karak's uniquely aromatic coffee, with it's silky texture, owns all the qualities of arabica and robusta coffee beans.
Cardamom Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix Cardamom Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix
Al Karak's Cardamom Tea, or Elaichi ki chai, is made using only the 8mm black cardamom seeds in their purest form. As it's packed with minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, cardamom is good for your heart functionality, immunity system and keeps indigestion at bay.
Masala Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix Masala Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix
At Al Karak, we make our own blend of spices for masala chai using black cardamom seeds, cinnamom, dry ginger, cloves, black pepper and cinnamom. This tea, consisting of multi-herbal health benefits, is an excellent choice for any time of the day.
Saffron Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix Saffron Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix
Saffron Tea, also known as Zafarani Chai, consists of the most expensive herb in the world. Al Karak prizes it on the top because Saffron has been acknowledged as a prime possession by Arabs, Mughlas and Greeks for several centuries. It is recommended, medically, to reduce fevers, control blood pressure and cramps as well.
Lemongrass Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix Lemongrass Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix
The origin of Al Karak's lemon grass tea belongs to southern India and Sri Lanka. It's citrus scented flavour imparts a uniquely refreshing to your morning freshness. In synchronisation with it's anti-oxidant properties, it contains natural healing essential oils and vitamins.
Ginger Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix Ginger Tea mix 3 in 1 Instant premix
Ginger Tea, or Adrak ki chai, premix is the classic Indian drink cherished by the tea connoissuers across the world. Moreover, Ginger has a long history of not only relieving us of digestive problems but, also fights throat related illnesses.

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