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K&N's Foods Private Limited

For over 50 years, K&N's – an international brand of Purely Different chicken products – has remained true to its raison d'être (reason to exist) of providing better nutrition through poultry for Health and Happiness of people. The K&N's brand has excelled in poultry for over 50 years, with know-how in every aspect of poultry production ranging from poultry breeding, hatching, feed milling, to growing and processing of chickens, and on to production of ready-to-cook and fully-cooked chicken products. As the K&N's brand gained recognition internationally, K&N's set up manufacturing operations in the US for producing chicken products to serve US, Canada and other countries around the world. At K&N’s, our ethos drives us to provide products that are Purely Different, not just as a product range with varied flavour profiles, but also the way we produce them. We use only Hand-slaughtered Halal boneless chicken, for its exceptional quality. K&N's chickens are raised on 100% vegetarian feed. We do not add MSG, artificial preservatives, food colour, nitrates or nitrites; all our products are Trans Fat free (zero gram per serving). Mechanically deboned chicken meat is never added to any K&N's product. K&N's Purely Different product range includes a tempting collection of Kababs, delightful collection of breaded products, 'Deline' branded sausages and cold-cuts, 'Bakistry' range of fully-baked frozen savoury products, and our Signature Samosas and Spingroll range.

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  • Subsector: Chicken, Convenience Food, Ready to Eat

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Brands List

Image Brand name Description Country
Deline Deline Select seasonings blended with choicest boneless chicken, K&N’s Deline – our range of premium skinless sausages and cold-cuts – are oven cooked and naturally smoked with wood chips from near the Black Forest in Germany to imbue a truly exceptional experience of delicatessen products. From our herb infused Breakfast Sausage, to our Jumbo Franks with cheese, and thinly sliced Pepperoni with cracked black peppercorn, each product is prepared with an artisanal finesse to make the Deline experience deliciously distinct. Indulge in K&N's Deline for a deliciously distinct delicatessen experience. Pakistan
Breaded Selection Breaded Selection Scrumptious bites of flavorful golden perfection, K&N’s Breaded Selection – our collection of breaded products – adds distinctive flavor to classic favorites like nuggets and tenders. From the exotic seasoning blend in our crunchy Tender Pops, to the fresh green chilies in our ethnic Haray Bharay Nuggets, and real cheddar in our cheese stuffed chicken Croquettes, each ingredient is carefully selected to enhance the flavor and make our products exceptional. Indulge in K&N's Breaded Selection to savor a delightful twist on your classic favorites. Pakistan
Kabab Temptations Kabab Temptations Steeped in flavor and centuries old food tradition, K&N’s Kabab Temptations – our eclectic range of Kababs – brings the best of ethnic taste to the discerning palate. Our collection of delectable kababs embodies the diverse nature of this food, which hails from Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian regions. Each kabab is as unique in flavor, shape, size, and preparation method as its origin. Indulge in K&N's Kabab Temptations to bring home the taste of diverse cuisines. Pakistan
Bakistry Bakistry Delicious chicken paired with various types of dough, each with its unique blend of wholesome flour rolled with real butter, K&N’s Bakistry – our range of savory patisserie products – are fully baked to golden perfection and individually quick frozen to preserve freshness. Classic tea-time delicacies, such as our Puff Patteze, Patteze and Vol-au-Vent, are all crafted with the finest detail to provide the ultimate experience of oven fresh goodness. Indulge in K&N’s Bakistry to experience ultimate oven fresh goodness. Pakistan
Signature Samosas & Spring Roll Signature Samosas & Spring Roll Delicious fillings in a signature crispy thin pastry Pakistan
Toppingz n Fillingz Toppingz n Fillingz Range of flavorful complements Pakistan
Stok Stok MSG free chicken stock cubes Pakistan

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Chapli Kabab Chapli Kabab
Ground chicken meat patties with fresh onions and cracked coriander seeds
Seekh Kabab Seekh Kabab
Ground chicken meat, shaped and flame grilled on skewers
Kafta Kabab Kafta Kabab
Ground chicken meat with fresh mint, shaped and flame grilled on skewers
Shami Kabab Shami Kabab
Ground chicken patties
Kofta Kofta
Ground chicken meatballs
Mughlai Tikka Mughlai Tikka
Boneless chicken cubes, with fresh coriander
Nuggets Nuggets
Breaded nugget shaped chicken patties
Croquettes Croquettes
Breaded chicken and cheese croquettes
Haray Bharay Nuggets Haray Bharay Nuggets
Breaded nugget shaped chicken patties with fresh green chilies and cilantro/coriander
Fun Nuggets Fun Nuggets
Breaded nugget shaped chicken patties
Tender Pops Tender Pops
Boneless, breaded chicken bites
Chicken Patties Chicken Patties
Breaded chicken patties
Chicken Tempura Chicken Tempura
Tempura battered, nugget shaped chicken patties
Thunder Fillet Thunder Fillet
Spicy, breaded chicken fillets
Combo Wings Combo Wings
Seasoned, lightly breaded chicken wing sections
Fiery Fingers Fiery Fingers
Boneless, breaded chicken strips
Frankfurter Sausage Frankfurter Sausage
Frankfurter Sausage
Bologna Slices Bologna Slices
Bologna Slices
Jumbo Frank Sausage with Cheese and Onion Jumbo Frank Sausage with Cheese and Onion
Skinless sausage with cheese and onion
Jumbo Frank Sausage with Jalapeno Peppers and Cheese Jumbo Frank Sausage with Jalapeno Peppers and Cheese
Skinless sausage with jalapeno peppers and cheese
Breakfast Sausage Breakfast Sausage
Skinless chicken sausage with herbs
Mortadella Slices Mortadella Slices
with cracked black peppercorn and pistachios
Pepperoni Slices Pepperoni Slices
with cracked black peppercorn
Samosa Samosa
chicken filling wrapped in a crisp, thin pastry
Tornadoz Tornadoz
buffalo style spicy chicken filling, wrapped in flavorful, crunchy breaded pastry
Spring Roll Spring Roll
Seasoned chicken and fresh vegetables wrapped in a crisp, thin pastry
Tikka Chunks Tikka Chunks
Spicy chicken tikka, bite size patties
Patteze Patteze
Golden baked puff pastry with a mild chicken filling
Puff Patteze Puff Patteze
Golden baked puff pastry with a spicy chicken filling
Quiche Quiche
Classic French savory - wholesome combination of smoked chicken, milk and eggs in a golden baked crust
Stok Stok
Chicken stock cubes

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