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Roomi Foods Private Limited

Roomi Foods (Pvt.) Ltd. has supported a broad spectrum of national and international clients. Its commercial production started in 2017 and with our prime product of Mangoes and poultry, the company has progressively expanded its product range including Citrus, Potato & Green Vegetables.

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  • Subsector: Fruits

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Mangoes Mangoes
The Company commands one of the worlds most advanced and sophisticated processing technology for mangoes, Vapour Heat Treatment. The plant has the maximum capacity of 3ton/day into 110 days approx in mango season and a maximum capacity 6ton/day fot VHT, for hot water 10ton/hour. Qualified and experienced managers are employed to run the plant.
Oranges Oranges
Kinnow mandarin is harvested during the early time and send it to processing facility where it is initially sorted on conveyer belt to remove diseased and de shape produce and washed to remove dust. After that it is dryed with dryer and wax it for increasing its shelf life and cosmetic look. Wax is the combination of bee wax, thiabendazole and imazalil. When fruit is properly waxed and dryed then it is graded in different sizes. After packing it is sent to cold storage where it is pre cooled on 4 degree Celsius and then shift to Containers for dispatch.
Potatoes Potatoes
Potatoes are harvested from field and sorted according to our buyers demand and dispatched to processing facility. Potatoes are washed in barrel washers which offer ideal washing solutions, ensuring crop is gently yet efficiently washed with throughout ranging from 5 tons per hour. After packing it is stitched and placed in container when loading complete anti sprouting spray is done to avoid sprouting in potatoes.

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