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Eregli Agrosan has been founded with the mission of creating value added natural products for food industry. For that reason Eregli Agrosan invested on a patented drying technology, and agreed on an exclusive license agreement with the Canadian patent owning company. Our technology REV is a unique drying technology that uses radiant energy under vacuum which results lower drying temperatures. Thus nutritional values, color, fragrance and aroma of the products are highly preserved. Also, we proudly say that our products are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. We have 7 unique products in stock. Those are orange, mandarin, strawberry, apple, peach, cheese and Mediterranean olives. Also, we REVdry fruits such as berries, banana, kiwi and veggies such as beetroot, spinach, carrot upon request. Those products can be in 3 to 7 kg bulk packages as well as 18 gr retail packages. For retail We have our own brand as Dried Art but we also do Private Label. Our Mersin factory runs in a 10000 m2 area whereas a second factory in Konya is still in project phase. Our existing factory in Mersin operates according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC (A Grade), IFS (

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  • Subsector: Diet Products, Fine Food, Gourmet Products, Health Food, Crisps & Crackers, Healthy Snacks, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Popcorn, Olives & Pickled Snacks, Cheese

Brands List

Image Brand name Description Country
AgroREV AgroREV Agrorev®, which is produced by REV® method starts a revolution in dried food segment. This technique is a result of nearly 25-year R&D works and countless academic research. These unique products which have emerged as the result of long-term studies take the attention thanks to their taste and appearance, succeed in differentiating from its rivals in terms of nutritional values they contain. Turkey
DriedArt DriedArt DriedArt products are healthy and natural 18 g packed crispy fruits, cheese and olive. Turkey

Product List

Image Product name and Description
Blackberry Blackberry
REV Dried Blacberry
Raspberry Raspberry
REV Dried Raspberry
DriedArt Strawberry DriedArt Strawberry
REV Dried Strawberry
DriedArt Apple DriedArt Apple
REV Dried Apple
DriedArt Mandarin DriedArt Mandarin
REV Dried Mandarin
DriedArt Cheese DriedArt Cheese
REV Dried Cheese
DriedArt Orange DriedArt Orange
REV Dried Orange
DriedArt Peach DriedArt Peach
REV Dried Peach
DriedArt Olive DriedArt Olive
REV Dried Olive

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