11 - 14 November 2019  –  7th Edition
Jeddah Center for Forums and Events
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

EU Milky Way

“EU Milky Way” is an information and promotion campaign aimed at increasing the knowledge and consumption of selected quality European dairy products made in the Czech Republic. The programme focuses on the importance of a balanced daily diet. Consumers will be informed regarding the high quality products, which best represent European quality production, encouraging target groups to try new varieties and flavours which can easily be combined in local food habits, based on variety and versatility of use. EU Milky Way programme is co-funded by the European Union, the Czech Republic and by the Czech and Moravian Dairy Association (ČMSM). The programme has a duration of 3 years (from 2016 till 2019) and is targeting the markets of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

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  • Sector: DRINKS, DAIRY
  • Subsector: Other Hot Drinks, Soft Drinks & Carbonated Beverages, Cheese, Cream, Milk & Milk Products, Yoghurts

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