11 - 14 November 2019  –  7th Edition
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Cukurova Development Agency is a specific model for our country by taking account of national needs and demands of local organisations; overseeing the political, administrative, social and economical conditions, global experience and EU membership. Cukurova Development Agency is one of the hubs launched development attack in Turkey. Cukurova Development Agency’s main aim is to increase the regional attraction by discovering economical and social potential and promoting the region both national and international areas, support the activities for increasing the productivity and employment, support the management of migration effectively and improve the human resources capacity. Cukurova Development Agency , has a role of activating the local potential and development, by eliminating threatens sourced from globalisation ,create the development strategies utilising the opportunities of globalisation. Agency, within the harmony of regional plans and strategies,has supported projects and activities by the local actors with different methods to activate the potential. Cukurova Development Agency ,as the supporter of the regional strategies that is prepared, has played an important role of supporting and developing the entrepreunership, supporting rural and regional development activities and collaborating the public,private and CSOs. In addition to that, Agency promoted the investment opportunities of the region has followed the permitting and licensing individually and concluded the operations. Agency has conducted the coordination using EU funds and international funds, both doing a research , creating database and monitoring and assesment fields.

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